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Based on the internationally recognized Swim to Survive standard, the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life Program focuses on basic survival skills and good swimming skills – fun from day one! Swim for Life starts by developing strong foundational skills and personal self-rescue skills, then continues on by challenging swimmers to develop strong swimming strokes. Success oriented and fun for the entire family, there is something for everyone in the Swim for Life program.

The Swim for Life program is a seamless program all the way from Parent & Tot 1 to NLS and beyond. Participants can continue on in the program well past their teenage years. The program consists of six segments starting with parent & tot classes and progressing on to preschool, swimmer, Canadian Swim Patrol, Bronze Medals and branching off into numerous available leadership possibilities (such as instructors, lifeguards, instructor trainers etc.)


Parent & Tot Programs!

Especially for children aged 4 months to 3+ years and their parents. Based on the principle "Within Arms Reach", these classes focus on close playful interaction and shared fun between child, parent and water.


Parent & Tot 1

Splish, splash, laugh - water can be so much fun! Babies just love to play in water. Parents with 4-12 month old babies will explore the water together under the watchful eyes of their instructor. They’ll learn how to safely enter and exit the water together. Parents will learn how to safely support their child while they discover water!

Parent & Tot 2

Water play – get set, get wet! Instructor lead sessions help parents with 12-24 month old children safely explore water together. Parents are taught how to support their child while floating and kicking. They can celebrate together when they can get their face wet and blow bubbles for the first time.

Parent & Tot 3

Just watch them grow! At 2-3 years these almost independent toddlers are really ready to explore: Getting in, getting out, going under and floating under the watchful eye of their parents and instructor.


Preschool Programs!

The Swim for Life Preschool Program gives children a head start on learning to swim. First they learn the basics to be safe and confident little swimmers. Water Smart® education is part of every Preschool level.


Preschool 1

These preschoolers learn to get in and out of the water safely. They'll learn to move safely in shallow water and use a lifejacket to be comfortable with their floats and glides.


Preschool 2

These youngsters will explore the water learning to submerge and exhale underwater. Buoyant aids are used to help them discover rollovers, glides and flutter kicks.


Preschool 3

These preschoolers will master their floats, glides and short swims on their front and back (2-3 m). They’ll be able to pick up objects from the waist deep water and use their lifejackets to jump and roll into the deep end.


Preschool 4

These capable preschoolers will strengthen their flutter kicks and try swimming front crawl. They’ll start to learn how to support themselves in deep water and in the end they’ll do solo jumps and side rolls into deep water. Their lifejacket will support them while they learn to tread water and swim to safety (5-10 m) in the deep end.


Preschool 5

These skilled and independent youngsters will master short swims doing front crawl (5-10 m) and back crawl (3-5 m). They are ready to take on a forward roll into deep water with their lifejacket on and to tread water without the extra support. Here they will get their first chance to try whip kick and fitness training.


Swimmer Programs!

Swim for Life - Swimmer levels make sure your child learns how to swim before they get in too deep. Each level challenges school aged children 5 years and older to develop safe entries, deep water support, underwater skills, and swimming strokes. Kids learn everlasting healthy habits by getting and staying fit.


Swimmer 1
These beginning swimmers will work on safe entries, exits and moving through the water. When ready they’ll do floats, glides and kicking on their front and back without assistance. They'll even explore jumping into deep water and treading water with their lifejackets on.

Swimmer 1 ADVANCED
Swimmer 1 advanced will use the same curriculum for Swimmer 1 however will be geared more towards for swimmers who have completed the preschool 4 or 5 or who have already participated in Swimmer 1.

Swimmer 2
These children will be able to jump or side roll into deep water, tread water, and swim (10-15 m) using either front crawl or back crawl. They'll try ‘vertical’ whip kick and begin to work on their endurance level by stepping into the world of fitness interval training.

Swimmer 2 ADVANCED
Swimmer 2 advanced will use similar curriculum to Swimmer 2, however will be geared more towards for swimmers who have already enrolled in Swimmer 2 and only have some items left to complete. Instructors will focus on technical aspects of the skills to ensure the swimmers are well prepared for Swimmer 3.

Swimmer 3
These swimmers will dive and do forward rolls into deep water. Watch them learn handstands and front somersaults underwater. They'll work on their front crawl, back crawl and whip kick over short distances and add some interval fitness training to their practice. By the end they’ll be able to meet the Swim to Survive standard: Roll into deep water, tread water (1 min.) and swim (50 m).


Swimmer 4
These swimmers will swim further with their front crawl and back crawl. They'll get introduced to breaststroke arms drills, underwater swims and front crawl sprints. Interval training will add to their fitness level.


Swimmer 5
These swimmers will try eggbeater kick, head up front crawl, and shallow dives. And just for fun try ‘tuck’ jumps and underwater back somersaults. They'll easily go the distance with a strong front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke.


Swimmer 6
These swimmers will master eggbeater and scissor kicks, front crawl, breaststroke and back crawl. With the interval training and sprint racing drills they'll be ready to make the 300 m endurance workout. And just for fun they’ll try stride jumps and compact jumps.

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The Canadian Swim Patrol Program!

Are you looking for something challenging? Are you ready for something different than regular swim classes? Looking for a way to develop your swimming strength and efficiency? Rise to the challenge and get your Canadian Swim Patrol awards - a perfect fit for anyone wanting to kick it up a notch.

This program will capture the interest of youths, who have good swimming skills. The three Canadian Swim Patrol awards offer three modules: Water Proficiency, First Aid, and Recognition & Rescue. As a Swim Patroller, you choose what level and module to take based on your skill level and interest.

Rookie Patrol

Practices develop fitness levels to meet a timed 100 m swim and 350 m workout. Water proficiency skills include: swims with clothes, ready position, foot first and head first surface dives. Rescue Breathing and initiating are included as first aid skills. Victim recognition and throwing assists are other key elements of the program.

Ranger Patrol

Ranger Patrol enhances capability in the water, including compact jumps from 1m heights, lifesaving eggbeater kick and increased fitness levels to meet a 200 m timed swim. Rescue skills involve an increased skill level in ABC first aid basics, victim recognition and non-contact rescues.

Star Patrol

An excellent preparation for the Bronze Star award, Star Patrol demands good physical conditioning for timed 300 m swims and 600 m workouts. It develops lifesaving judgment with whistle signals, airway and bleeding first aid priorities with a 20 m tow with towing aid.

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Adult Programs!

Whether you're just starting out or want help with your strokes, our Adult Swimmer Program is for the young at heart - no matter what your age. Whether your goals are to learn the basics or gain skill with swimming strokes your instructor will be able to provide you the support that you need. Teens and adults alike will develop water confidence and smooth, strong strokes to use for lane swimming or be fit enough for the beach.


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